An Impartial Good Buying Guide

We have put together some pointers that should help you through the challenges of replacing your kitchen.

  • Is there a showroom that you can visit while you are planning your kitchen, and that you can go to if you need an aftersales contact point?
  • Is the designer willing to visit your home and conduct an in-depth survey of your existing kitchen?
  • Is your designer 'really' interested in you or just wanting to sell a kitchen?
  • Does your designer listen to your wants and needs?
  • Is their representative informative or pushy? A pushy salesman could indicate a focus on commission rather than customer satisfaction.
  • Take as long as you need in discussing and designing your new kitchen – you are the buyer!
  • What guarantees are offered?
  • What is the after sales policy?
  • What thickness are the carcasses and what material is used? Pay attention to the backs which are hidden from view and may be of poorer quality materials.
  • Do the backs of the carcasses cover the total size of the unit?
  • Are the carcasses acrylic bonded to ensure no peeling?
  • Are the carcasses rigid and supplied complete, with hinges and doors fitted? This can reduce the fitting price considerably.
  • Is a broad range of carcass colours offered? White only or  limited colours indicates  mass production and possibly poorer quality. The units will probably be restricted to standard sizes only.
  • What colour are the backs of doors? They should be the same colour as the fronts, an indicator of real quality.
  • Can your kitchen be painted to your specifications?
  • Is a broad range of size units and different combinations of drawer packs offered?
  • Are non-standard size units offered as the need arises as part of the design process?
  • Are there online reviews available ... so important!
  • Are there customers that you can contact who can provide genuine independent testimonials?

Is the project price realistic for what you are buying? If you are unsure shop around, and do not be pressurised into buying now “because the offer ends today or tomorrow” as this is a retail sales tactic pure and simple. The same is true for unlikely offers ... nothing is free and the price will be built into the kitchen project somewhere. See if you can get your £50 dishwasher without buying the kitchen, then let us know so we can rush down and buy one as well 🙂!

Tip:  Large companies are focussed on mass sales to a large number of customers. Buying from an independent kitchen company will give you a quality kitchen at a competitive price and a much more personal customer service.

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